Our mission

Tradeleaf is a technology company driven by a team of traditional trade finance business leaders, blockchain visionaries, venture investors, and tech entrepreneurs cooperating to disrupt the conservative and bureaucratized trade finance industry.
We create, integrate, and provide institutional-grade FinTech solutions and services for all trade finance industry participants. Our goal is to cover the trillion market gap supporting SMEs and MSMEs on emerging market.

Mission & Vision

We believe that blockchain and other disruptive technologies are shaping the future of supply chain and trade finance markets thus unleashing the potential of international trade. Tradeleaf seeks to become the leading digital trade financing platform operating on a global scale, shaping the future of trade finance market.

Tradeleaf Ecosystem Benefits

The Tradeleaf Ecosystem is a catalyst for wider trade digitisation that allows numerous participants to perform various business activities through win-win collaborations within digital marketplaces.
Tradeleaf uses a digital ecosystem approach to innovate trade finance, making it affordable and interoperable at all stages of the deal and logistics lifecycle. It provides all necessary solutions, mechanisms, and tools for sustainable and scalable supply chain growth. The ecosystem consists of multiple marketplaces for traditional and alternative financing marketplaces, core participants and customers, and a vast network of partners, finance, and service provider solutions.
All Tradeleaf Ecosystem participants in international and domestic trade finance will find complex instruments that entirely suit their kind of activity, thus benefiting everyone.
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