Risks Disclosure Statement

You should carefully consider and evaluate each of the following risk factors before using or relying upon any information provided in this Whitepaper or the Communications and when using, receiving, owning, or disposing of TLF tokens. All risks and risk factors set forth in this Risk Disclosure Statement shall be evaluated and accepted by you without any limitations, qualifications or conditions. The below risks are not intended to be exhaustive and are not intended to be presented in any assumed order of priority.

Risk of Loss

Do not transact on the Tradeleaf Platform and do not purchase, store, or use TLF tokens unless you are prepared to lose the entire amount of funds and/or assets you use in the transaction in question. In addition, TLF tokens should not be purchased for speculative or investment purposes with the expectation of profit or immediate resale. The value and/or price of the TLF tokens and other virtual assets may change dramatically and may fall significantly in a short period of time. No promises of future results or value have been or will be made with respect to TLF tokens — this includes promises of continued payments, promises with respect to the intrinsic value of the TLF tokens, and there are no assurances that TLF tokens will have any particular value.

Risk of Lack of Interest in the Project

It is possible that the Tradeleaf Platform will not be used by many people, companies, or other organisations or that there will be limited public interest in the Tradeleaf Project and related products and services. Such a lack of use or interest could adversely affect the development of the Tradeleaf Platform and the potential usefulness of TLF tokens, including their usefulness and potential use on the Tradeleaf Platform.
The Company is in the process of conducting a legal and regulatory review of the functionality of the TLF tokens and Tradeleaf Platform. Upon completion of this review, the Company may decide to modify the intended functionality of the TLF tokens or Tradeleaf Platform to ensure compliance with any legal or regulatory requirements to which it is subject. In the event that the Company elects to change the intended functionality of the TLF tokens or Tradeleaf Platform, the Company will have no obligation to notify you or otherwise update the relevant content of this Whitepaper. The TLF tokens may be affected by regulatory actions or the introduction of new laws and regulations — this can include potential restrictions on the ownership and use or disposition of such tokens. Regulatory authorities or unforeseen events may require changes in all or part of the token's mechanics and features. The Company may revise the TLF token's functionality and mechanics to comply with regulatory requirements, governmental or business obligations, or for other purposes. The Company's proposed operations may be subject to different laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which the Company operates or intends to operate. The Company may be required to obtain different licences or other approvals in each jurisdiction in which the Company intends to conduct its business. Therefore, the Company's business in such jurisdictions is always subject to obtaining such licences or permits, if required by applicable law. There is a risk that certain actions could be considered a violation of any such law or regulation. The penalties for any such potential violation are unknown. In addition, changes in applicable laws or regulations or changing interpretations of existing laws may, under certain circumstances, result in increased compliance costs or capital expenditures, which could affect the Tradeleaf Platform, the Company's ability to use the business model, and the TLF token model.

Taxation Risks

The tax profile of TLF tokens is uncertain and is highly dependent on the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction where the parties to a particular transaction are considered tax residents. You should obtain your own tax advice in connection with your use of the Tradeleaf Platform, transactions involving TLF tokens or any transactions contemplated herein that may result in adverse tax consequences to you, including withholding taxes, income taxes, and tax reporting requirements.

Risk of Theft

The Company intends to use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that all assets associated with the Tradeleaf Platform and Tradeleaf Project are adequately protected and secured. However, there can be no assurance that there will be no theft of virtual assets or other assets due to hacking attacks, sophisticated cyberattacks, phishing attacks, other third-party interference, distributed denial of service, or bugs, as well as vulnerabilities or defects on the website, including smart contracts used in connection with the Tradeleaf Platform or TLF tokens, underlying blockchain networks, fraud or fraud by third parties, or otherwise. Such events may include, for example, flaws in the programming or source code leading to their hacking or abuse. Such events could result in a partial or complete loss of assets controlled or owned by the Company or assets associated with the Tradeleaf Platform, which could result in a significant drop in the price of the TLF tokens or a complete loss of their value, and/or closure of business.

Technology Risks

Open source development involves risks associated with hacking and cyber-attacks that could have an adverse impact. To mitigate these risks, the Company devotes reasonable resources to security audits and technical audits to ensure the security of the Tradeleaf Platform. In addition, blockchain development is a relatively new technology, and human resources with this specific expertise will be required. However, there is no guarantee that the Tradeleaf Platform or TLF tokens will be secure, error-free, reliable, available at all times, work properly, or be fit for a particular purpose. Failures or errors in the Tradeleaf Platform or TLF tokens could have a material adverse effect on the Company and its business.

Risks Associated with the Development and Maintenance of the Tradeleaf Platform

The Tradeleaf Platform and TLF tokens are still under development and may undergo significant changes over time. Although, the Company intends that the TLF tokens and the Tradeleaf Platform meet the specifications set forth in this Whitepaper and intends to take commercially reasonable steps to achieve these objectives. This may create the risk that the TLF tokens or the Tradeleaf Platform, in order to be finalised and maintained, may not meet your expectations or comply with this Whitepaper. The Company always reserves the right to modify the Tradeleaf Platform and Tradeleaf Project and to make changes to the Tradeleaf Platform business model at its sole discretion. In addition, despite the Company’s good faith in efforts to develop and support the Tradeleaf Platform, it remains possible that the Tradeleaf Platform will experience failures, unplanned outages in its network or services, hardware or software defects, security breaches, or otherwise not properly developed or maintained elements, which could adversely affect the Tradeleaf Platform and the potential utility of TLF tokens.

Risk of Project Failure

There is no guarantee that the Tradeleaf Platform or TLF tokens will receive sufficient market acceptance or support. There is also no guarantee that the Tradeleaf Project or TLF token will be successful in the future.

Unforeseen Risks Associated with TLF tokens

Cryptographic blockchain tokens, such as TLF tokens, are a relatively new and dynamic technology. In addition to the risks included above, there are other risks associated with the purchase, storage, and use of TLF tokens, including those that the Company and you cannot anticipate. Such risks may also manifest as unforeseen variations or combinations of the risks described above. In addition, there is a risk that the TLF tokens will not be used outside of the Tradeleaf Platform, and the Company will not support or otherwise contribute to any secondary trade or external valuation of the TLF token.

Risk of Alternative,

Following the re]ease of the Tradeleaf Plaform and the continued development of its initial version, it is possible that alternative applications may be released by third parties using the same open source code and protocol underlying the Tradeleaf Platform and/or elements of its business model. The official Tradeleaf Ptatform may compele with these alternative projects, potentially adversely affecting the Company and the Tradeleaf Project, including the value of the TLF token.