Deal Marketplace

The Deal Marketplace is a showcase where goods, commodities, invoices, and other products are displayed. Participants can view, list, and sell products and find the most suitable financing solutions for business transactions.

A comprehensive navigation and search system allows users to quickly and easily find their desired product using keywords, categories, or filters, such as price, country of origin, quantity, quality, and certifications. It also provides data about traders who submitted deal credit scores, insurance scores, deal histories, and other important information.

Invoice Issuance

Tradeleaf offers functionality to create, validate, and exchange electronic invoices. Invoices are checked, stored, and signed by counterparties' digital keys.

Traders can submit deals without any invoices (if the counterparty is yet to be found) or submit invoices approved by deal counterparties. However, financing options are only available if a submitted invoice is approved.

Receivable Finance

Tradeleaf Platform's complete payables and receivables solution stack digitises trade documentation between buyers and sellers. It enables traders and liquidity providers to create and manage programmable and affordable credit programs, automating the early settling of invoices that offer discounts for prompt payment.

The structuring can be offered with other payables finance solutions, including payment extension, enabling clients to delay payment of invoices by funding the invoice at its current term, and allowing clients to pay beyond maturity. It also helps accelerate trade within the supply chain.

Automated Scoring System

Tradeleaf Platform uses powerful machine learning techniques to evaluate trade finance opportunities. An applicant's information is compared to the performance of similar profiles using Al-enriched models to assess and mitigate risks. A credit scoring system awards points to the applicant based on various factors and variables in the report.

An insurance score is a credit-based statistical analysis of a consumer's likelihood of filing an insurance claim within a given period. This data can help other participants assess risk exposure before granting insurance coverage to the specific deal.

A financial credit score is a credit-based statistical analysis of a consumer's likelihood of repaying a loan or resolving debt when due. Creditors use the score to help determine whether to grant credit. In addition to the numeric score, the scoring system also generates an evaluation mark, identifying up to ten principal factors that most significantly influenced the score. It can help companies develop and implement more reliable business strategies.

Deal Marketplace Benefits

Deal Marketplace Workflow

Verified consignees and consigners can extensively use the Deal Marketplace to research counterparties and privately negotiate specific deals in a protected deal data room. Participants can exchange messages, files, and legal documentation required to agree on deal terms. Upon reaching an agreement, the consignee and consigner issue an invoice to be approved by their respective banks.

If the need arises for access to additional capital from trade finance or crypto lending marketplaces, the consignee and consigner can arrange a deal in the Deal Marketplace according to different financing opportunities. If the consigner can individually finance the deal, the counterparties proceed to issue payment invoices or use the integrated receivables or payables financing options.

After the invoice is paid or upon reaching another arrangement, the consigner and consignee can exchange delivery information, agree on insurance and logistics providers, and start the shipment process. The product path is then tracked, and both parties will receive information through Additional Solutions and Services.

The deal automatically closes after the consigner approves the delivered goods. Deal documentation is archived, and parties can rate their experience working with each other.

Tradeleaf ensures that all aspects of the deal are determined and secured in case of diversion or mistakes, helping parties resolve issues that arise as fast as possible.

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