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Tradeleaf’s Additional Solutions & Services is a front-to-back, cross-asset, multi-entity-enabled solution with comprehensive data management, risk management, deal tracking, and operations capabilities. This component is designed on an advanced architecture to accelerate trade finance digital transformation journeys for all market participants.

Client Account

The platform provides accounts and dashboards for liquidity providers and traders. Different indicators are displayed for users based on the type of account they open. The liquidity provider report and dashboard are oriented toward showcasing financial performance, while the trader account and dashboard provide operational and administrative information related to deals.

A capable and intuitive account management solution provides a comprehensive spread of tools for privacy, operational security, customisation, and process administration.

Digital Identity Management

Self-managed identities, underpinned by blockchain, enable greater privacy, control, and improved hyper personalised service. This feature makes record-keeping more reliable by encrypting personal identification IDs and allowing involved parties access.

Analytics and Dashboards

Perform data and transaction analytics to better evaluate the risks involved in financing and accelerate decision making. The dashboard interface provides complete information about the actions in the ecosystem for operational convenience, such as the full pooling structures view, flexible reporting, and multiple download formats.

Data Storage & Documentation Management

Trade documents are digitised and stored on the blockchain to ensure transparency and efficiency and reduce the chances of document alteration. Buyers, sellers, banks, and carriers can electronically exchange letters of credit, electronic bills of lading, insurance certificates, and other trade documentation over a decentralised blockchain network.

Secure Database

The platform digitises documents using intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) to turn them into data sources. Documentation checks are performed using artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with a natural language processing (NLP) rules engine to check data against the uniform customs and practice (UCP) rules.

Document verification displays the activities and data embedded in a document. The status is always up to date, and new activities added are visible in real-time.


The platform helps streamline the gaps with a range of sustainability applications. A supercharged compliance program with world-class reporting and analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions. The platform provides templates and support for the easy creation, export, and sharing of the following reports:

  • Financial Statements and Balance of Payment

  • Regulatory Reports

  • Investor Relations

  • Shipment Reports

Environmental, social, and corporate governance

Consumers and corporations alike are increasingly focusing on environmentally conscious and sustainability oriented practices when making financial decisions. Environmental, social, and corporate (ESC) governance data from multiple sources flows into a single unified framework involving various geographies. It facilitates data through a pre-set workflow and approval process to fully manage the compliance process without the manual effort needed for ongoing ESC scoring, profiling, and forensics.

Deal Data Room

The room is a secure, fully digital space where counterparties can discuss the deal process, share necessary documentation, and choose what financial instruments to use for a specific transaction.

The Deal Data Room has permissioned, secure, and encrypted messaging with an asynchronous architecture recognised by banks and corporates. Communicate directly with counterparts and lenders in a network and access chat histories for easy reference.

Due Diligence

The Platform has an Al-powered engine that automates document checking, validation, and compliance checking from paper records. It validates the consistency of data between documents and verifies extracted data.

The Due Diligence module is also responsible for verification checks for all participants onboarding the platform, thus giving beneficiaries access to a credible pool of suppliers and financiers. These efforts will encourage ecosystem growth while ensuring reliability and transparency.

Know Your Customer

The platform provides industry-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) background checks to verify client details and enhance security and compliance. Only verified clients, traders, and finance providers can participate in platform activities. The KYC verification stage implies mandatory internal checks to detect fraudulent activity.

Anti-Money Laundering

Personal data is obtained in the context of anti-money laundering (AML)/counter-terrorist financing (CTF) processes by a compliance team using a compliance tool. The tool serves as a record-keeping system designed to prevent, detect, or investigate potential money laundering and terrorist financing.

Know Your Supplier, Embargo, and Sanctions Restrictions

Suppliers can move seamlessly from onboarding to trading and selling invoices on the platform. The supplier will be an consignee in a country free of sanctions, cannot be one of the affiliated companies, and cannot have forced bankruptcy.

Business Suite

The business suite is the platform’s intelligence and reporting powerhouse. It provides all necessary tools to support better decision-making, faster reporting, connectivity with external services, and absolute compliance.

Client Relationship Management

Manage clients, service partners, orders, and operations via the integrated business suite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or seamlessly integrate data from the Tradeleaf Platform to external CRM via API hooks, automatisation, and connectivity.

Risk Management Module

This module offers real-time trade credit risk assessment at the company or transaction level. Market participants employing these services would retain accountability for underlying risks. The module minimises exposure to risk in even the most rapidly changing trading environments and lowers costs by assessing the real-time market value of traded assets and liabilities.

Company scoring

The Al engine enriches standard company accounting data with registration and filing information and socio economic and geospatial data. This module considers the internal rating system when summarising company performance and credibility.

Transactional monitoring and credit scoring

The platform’s risk management module surveils transactions such as transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. A transaction monitoring system will identify suspicious behaviour that could indicate money laundering or other financial crimes.

Invoice Fraud Prevention

The risk management module includes ML-powered tools to identify fraud, enabling suppliers to operate safely and deliver a seamless buying experience that allows buyers to transact with confidence.

Data Confidentiality

Tradeleaf keeps financial data safe and secure. Only authorised users can register documents, add activities, and view deal-specific information.

Supply Chain Management, Track & Trace Dashboard

A network of logistics providers covers every step of the fulfilment process to ensure that goods get from the factory to the end customer securely, on time, and are traceable the entire time. Aligning shipping documents with commercial documents is an essential step, optimising multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerating performance across any value chain within the Tradeleaf Platform.

Shipment Documentation

The platform automatically collects data from supplier networks, guaranteeing accurate collection and validation in the blockchain. Multiple input sources are validated to track shipment events in the extended supply chain. The tamper-proof, permissioned blockchain network decentralises and captures data from numerous sources:

  • Import & export enquiries

  • Warehouse receipts

  • Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR) notes

  • Rail waybill

  • Sea waybill

  • Electronic bill of lading (eBL)

Electronic bill of lading

Electronic bill of lading (eBL) is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners, and freight-forwarders with a streamlined and secure process for issuing, transferring, and surrendering original bills of lading. Access a certified copy of the BL as prepared by the carrier, or access the underlying data directly.

Cargo Tracking

Provide regulators and end consumers with a clear picture of all production steps along the supply chain journey by tracking and tracing commodities during the transport process. The module offers better visibility into the delivery of products. The Tradeleaf cargo tracking solution follows and digitises the movement of shipment documents. Once this visibility is in place, smart contracts can use the updated delivery information signed on the blockchain to trigger faster payment for supply chain partners.

Platform Support Modules

The Tradeleaf Platform is well documented, transparent, and open for integrations; every feature and innovation is consciously composed and implemented to improve usability and user experience. Platform support provides comprehensive help and any necessary information to all participants.

Remote Experts Marketplace

Tradeleaf provides access to a wide variety of high-level specialists directly on the platform as a part of the company’s scaling and growth sustainability program. Access professional services and consultants from various backgrounds, including legal, financial, trade finance, blockchain, and others.


Tradeleaf aims for the complete provision of transparency among ecosystem participants. Thereby, all platform services, solutions, and technologies are documented and shared with the public, as well as terms, fees, and partnerships.

Platform clients can study documentation related to different stakeholders and platform modules:

  • User Documentation

  • Technical Documentation

  • API Documentation

  • Legal Documentation

Customer Support

The support service will help users resolve any issues they may be encountering. A global customer support team is available around the clock to help with all kinds of matters regarding processes on the platform, including dispute moderation and resolution, guidance, and problem-solving.

Solutions & Services Panel

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