Reward System

Rewarded TLF: Any reward received on Tradeleaf Platform is received as Rewarded TLF (reTLF) tokens. reTLF tokens can be staked similarly to TLF tokens or converted to TLF tokens in a ratio of 1:1 through linear vesting. Linear vesting lasts 1 year and is subject to the following rules.

  1. Vested reTLF tokens cannot be stake

  2. To vest reTLF tokens user should reserve TLF tokens in a ratio of 2 reTLF : 1 TLF

  3. Reserved TLF tokens will keep receiving rewards, but cannot be unstaked or sold

Platform fee distribution: 18% of platform fees will be distributed among all TLF token holders, depending on the ratio of customer’s TLF tokens on balance compared to the overall stake.

Platform activities reward: The more actions customer performs across all marketplaces, modules, and solutions on the Tradeleaf Platform, the more reTLF tokens will be granted to the customer.

It applies to financial operations, such as funding and insurance, and non-financial operations, like deal establishment, order submission, and remote-expert hiring.

Referral rewards and cash back: Every trader that performs trade transactions on the Platform receives cashback in the amount of 7%. However, they share it with their referrers. So, the referrers receive only 1.75% of the platform fees as cashback and the trader 5.25%. Therefore, every time someone brings a new referral, 1.75% of the platform fees out of 7% will be granted as cashback to referrers in reTLF tokens.

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