Core Participants

The Tradeleaf Ecosystem is an independent, secure, and transparent network that facilitates global trade finance. Its foundation built on blockchain technology injects confidence and control into the supply chain through absolute transparency and privacy. It provides efficiency, security, and trust in trade finance by implementing a private digital ledger, smart contracts, digitalisation, and the most suitable technologies and standardisation techniques.

Tradeleaf uses a digital ecosystem approach to innovate trade finance, making it affordable and interoperable at all stages of the deal and logistics lifecycle. It provides all necessary solutions, mechanisms, and tools for sustainable and scalable supply chain growth. The ecosystem consists of multiple marketplaces for traditional and alternative financing marketplaces, core participants and customers, and a vast network of partners, finance, and service provider solutions.

All Tradeleaf Ecosystem participants in international and domestic trade finance will find complex instruments that entirely suit their kind of activity, thus benefiting everyone.

Liquidity Providers

The Tradeleaf Ecosystem includes both traditional and alternative liquidity providers and capital lenders. Traditional liquidity providers are banks, financial institutions, and other conventional finance market players. They obtain access to additional revenue streams by lending funds to traders using the Trade Finance Marketplace. Alternative liquidity providers are crypto retail investors and VC funds who use DeFi solutions on the Crypto Lending Marketplace to lock tokens in liquidity pools used for deal financing.


Traders in the Tradeleaf Ecosystem are capital borrowers – sellers and buyers. Sellers use the Deal Marketplace to publish trade deals and approve invoices to seek funding or export goods to buyers using Solutions & Services Panel, which digitises documentation, communicates with counterparties in end-to-end encrypted deal rooms, and so on.

Service Providers

Service providers are an integral part of the Tradeleaf Ecosystem, ensuring the platform's operation and auxiliary processes related to ecosystem participants. They are niche experts and consultants providing software solutions, expertise, open source tools, and many other value-added solutions involved in all stages of the trade finance lifecycle.

Trade Leaf Benefits for Participants

Tradeleaf separates five groups of service providers involved in the Tradeleaf ecosystem:

Trade finance software providers: companies that create trade finance marketplaces, receivable finance issuance modules, and trade finance due-diligence solutions.

Supply chain finance software providers: companies that provide solutions related to supply chain finance processes – documents digitisation, shipment documentation storage, and cargo tracking (loT systems).

FinTech software providers: companies that operate in the FinTech market, providing payments and finances related services and software solutions – payment gateways, digital wallets, and APIs.

Blockchain software providers: private and public blockchain developers and DeFi protocols engineers - Blockchain as a Service providers, public blockchain networks, lending and borrowing protocols, and staking tools.

Analytics software providers: companies specialising in developing dashboards and data analytics tools, providing performance tracking dashboards for liquidity providers and traders.

Advisory & consultancy services providers: individual professionals and expert companies supporting trade finance deals – auditors, legal consultants, and inspection companies.

Technology services providers: ecosystem contributors that furnish cloud storage, cloud computing, server hosting, and other services crucial for the functioning of the digital trade finance ecosystem.

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